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Minix is a brand from the house of MAXTONE ELECTRONICS PVT LTD. MAXTONE was founded in India in 1985. Over the quarter of century, MAXTONE has grown exponentially and diversified itself into different aspects of technology, be it enterprise servers or consumer computing products. Due to our strong and trustworthy channel across India, we have made a mark in the I.T. business.

We at MAXTONE strive to provide our customers the best value and service on accordance to our principles. We have products and solutions which have caught up to the imagination and lived up to the performance standards which the market demands.


We at MAXTONE believe it's the quality, consistency and after sales service which has been the key force behind our success story. Over the years the company has acquired a reputation by providing quality and genuine products supported by excellent after sales service.

Offering the quality range of products that beats the competitors in speed, versatility and performance, no wonder we have won many prestigious awards and has always been popular choice of our customers.

We wish to abide with the same principals with our development in Minix. All our products, available now or to be launched in the future will come with a piece of guarantee that we will always do our best meet each and every customers service or support request and in-turn use your feedback to further develop better products.


We are constantly working on developing new products and solutions for the growing mobile market for quality accessories. With our major focus on portable power banks, audio accessories and data & charging cables.

With hundreds and thousand of after market manufacturers to compete with, we have dedicated ourselves to stand apart, to design quality products with premium shelf life and excellent after sales support.

We are constantly working with leading manufacturers and designers around the world to come up and be updated with latest products and accessories to match the consumer market demands.